Digichain Defi Wallet will be in three (3) System

Digichain Defi Wallet will be in three System Digichain Defi Wallet continues to innovate upgrades to the system and usability, the Web3 system is very efficient for today’s crypto users, becoming one of the new breakthroughs in the technology world that has the function of connecting humans with blockchain.Likewise Digichain Defi Wallet which will be […]

Innovation Digichain Team for Digichain Defi Wallet

The Digichain team continues to develop the platform they created from wallet, dex, and even smart launchpad. everything has been successfully created and is ready to be used, the digichain team is currently focusing on new innovations that will be applied to the Digichain Defi Wallet, Digichain itself is a project that leads to the […]

Weekly Report Digichain Coin | Wallet Progress

We will update updates and report theresults of the weekly meeting with the entire DIGICHAIN COIN team  Event logo for DIGICHAIN WALLET ( Finished ) We have decided the winner in the wallet contest that we held a few days ago, and we have announced it in the post  UI wallet work has been completed […]

Weekly Report for Digichain Coin Project progress

Weekly Report for Digichain Coin Project progressOn August 22, 2022 we held an internal meeting to discuss the progress of the DIGICHAIN COIN project to continue the development according to the roadmap and the ongoing strengthening of the ecosystem. We hereby convey some important things in the results of our weekly meeting  Digichain Wallet name […]