Weekly Report Digichain Coin | Wallet Progress

We will update updates and report the
results of the weekly meeting with the entire DIGICHAIN COIN team

 Event logo for DIGICHAIN WALLET ( Finished )

We have decided the winner in the wallet contest that we held a few days ago, and we have announced it in the post

 UI wallet work has been completed ( Finished )

We have completed the work on the latest DIGICHAIN wallet UI and we are ready to update information on Google Playstore

 Change of Name and Logo on Digichain wallet ( Finished )

Previously we used the name ” Digichain Wallet ” and now we have the new name ” Digichain Defi Wallet “

And we will also update the logo based on the contest we are holding

 DeFi system optimization ( Finished )

A few days ago Binance did a sudden maintenance and they updated the RPC & NODE so that Digidex had problems, but don’t worry, we have overcome all the problems & updated the system

We will continue to regularly provide updates on project developments, and some planing, Keep supporting us to be bigger all the time

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