Weekly Report for Digichain Coin Project progress

Weekly Report for Digichain Coin Project progress

On August 22, 2022 we held an internal meeting to discuss the progress of the DIGICHAIN COIN project to continue the development according to the roadmap and the ongoing strengthening of the ecosystem. We hereby convey some important things in the results of our weekly meeting

 Digichain Wallet name change (On Work)

We will change the name from ” Digichain Wallet ” to ” Digichain DeFi Wallet ” as well as change the UI and Add new features in the Digichain Coin wallet The newest feature we are working on in DIGICHAIN DEFI WALLET is :

– SWAP on Wallet
– STAKING on Wallet
– Overall UI changes
– Add Liquidity on wallet
– DAPPS Wallet optimization

(All you can do without the need for Dapps, but dont worry the DaPPs there still is )

 Launch ios after latest UI (On Work)

The IT team of digichain coin reports progress for the Launch of DIGICHAIN DEFI WALLET , all difficulties of developing iOs based Applications have been resolved and all that remains is to update to the same version as the ANDROID veri We estimate that the launch of iOS will be in the middle of “September”

 Enhanced security Addition to DeFi ” DIGIDEX ” ( Done )

 Planning additional features SMARTLAUNCHPAD (On Work)

We are planning to add the Public Fairlaunch feature to Smart Launchpad

 Lowering the TAX of buying and selling ( Done )

 Team Digichain Coin has lowered TAX to 1%

– From 2% To 1%

Tokenomic : 1% Back to Holder

 Digimarketcap development (on work)

Digimarketcap is a platform that we will develop for Price trackers of all coins on all Blockchains, the benefit of digimarketcap is that it is a logo API data that will be synced into digidex and wallet. Some other benefits of digimarketcap are that we have features in it (Marketing, Listing & Others) all activities require DIGICHAIN COIN to be burned by participating clients

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