Innovation Digichain Team for Digichain Defi Wallet

The Digichain team continues to develop the platform they created from wallet, dex, and even smart launchpad. everything has been successfully created and is ready to be used, the digichain team is currently focusing on new innovations that will be applied to the Digichain Defi Wallet, Digichain itself is a project that leads to the development of Defi where the wallet that will be overhauled will have a strong defi elements starting from the features and usability.

The Digichain team will implement several defi systems into the wallet, one of which is the staking, farming, swap, and liquidity features, which are usually included in the dex, but the digichain team wants to package all of them in one container without 3rd parties (dapps), which is where every user who uses Digichain Defi wallet can swap, staking, farm on Digichain Defi Wallet without having to log in to Dapps.
In addition to the features that distinguish us from other wallets in general, the digichain team also changes the appearance of the Digichain Defi Wallet, which is expected to be a different and more elegant impression with the completeness of the features in it.

Digichain Defi Wallet is currently in a trial period by internal parties starting from testing the features, systems and security that we apply to Digichain Defi Wallet. It’s not enough that the Digichain Team will continue to innovate regarding platform development along with the development of technology and user needs, this is done to achieve digichain’s vision, namely The Future Of Crypto Word, and The King Of Defi

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